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The North Park Eye Exam

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Contact Lens Examination

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North Park Optometry is dedicated to providing accurate and thorough eye examinations to check the health of your eyes and test your vision. Our selection of high-quality frame lines and lenses are designed to help you see to your optimal potential.


Our doctors are committed to using the best technology in the optometry field to determine the best options for your clearest and most comfortable sight.


In addition to your glasses and contact lens prescriptions, our doctors check your eyes for symptoms of glaucoma and cataracts along with the overall wellness of your eyes. Our office utilizes state-of-the-art retinal imaging to examine your eyes in full detail.  


Dr. Meredith Walton and her associates are passionate about educating their patients on nutrition and how other health conditions (such as diabetes and high blood pressure) may affect our eyes.

Healthy vision is our number one priority and we are committed to helping protect and preserve your eyesight throughout your lifetime.

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Business Hours

Mon: Closed
Tue: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Wed: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Thu: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Fri: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Sat: 9:00am - 2:00pm

Sun: Closed

North Park Optometry

Optometrists you can depend on

Our history


Dr. Alan Liker established the practice in 1956 and I am proud to be the third optometrist to own and operate the business. Dr. Liker served this community for years and is remembered very fondly by his past patients. We have families from across the county who have been coming here for their eye health examinations with us for over 50 years!​

In June of 2017, Dr. Meredith Walton purchased the practice as the third generation eye doctor.  Dr. Ginny Schaffner joined the North Park Optometry team in July 2019 followed by Dr. Chantelle Davis in December 2019.

We are so happy to be an integral part of the community to serve your vision needs!

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