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Emergency Eye Care Services

If you need emergency eye care or know someone who does, call now for immediate assistance.

Here are some common situations that should be considered urgent:

  • Eye infections, especially in contact lens users

  • Foreign objects in the eye, such as small shards of glass or metal

  • Cuts or punctures of the eye or eyelid

  • Chemical exposure causing pain or vision problems

  • Sudden vision loss or change in your vision

  • Double vision

  • Light sensitivity

  • Painful/swollen area in eyelid 

  • Sudden onset of floaters or flashes of light

Can I do basic first aid at home?

In an emergency, there is no substitution for experienced medical care. But here are a few guidelines you can follow in specific emergencies:

  • If you have chemicals in your eyes, flush your eyes with water for 15 minutes and don't cover the affected eye.

  • If there is a foreign body in the eye, avoid rubbing and try to gently rinse away the debris.

  • If you have sustained a major blow to your eye, use a cold compress to prevent swelling.

The best way to protect yourself from eye emergencies is to educate yourself about the risks and act accordingly.

Make sure you wear protective goggles in situations where your eyes are at risk

Acting quickly during an emergency eye situation is critical. If you need emergency help, call North Park Optometry for immediate assistance.

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